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Oh Yeah!! Oh Yeah?! - Single -

Recorded Songs:
Oh Yeah!! Oh Yeah?!
You're My Life

Blowin' Down the House - Big Jay's Latest & Greatest -

Recorded songs:
1. Love Will Never Fail
2. Love Is Stronger Than Hurt
3. My Love Never Ended
4. I've Been Mistreated
5. You Don't Have to Go Home
6. Party (Live)
7. Big Jay's Hop
8. Blow Blow Blow
9. Willie the Cool Cat
10. Rock Candy
11. Nervous Man Nervous
12. Get on Up & Let's Boogie (Live)

Recorded 2016

Mac's Back -

Recorded songs:
1. Tightrope
2. Lonely Lovely
3. Fly Away
4. Get Down
5. You're My Life

Recorded c. 2011 at EngeniuSounds

CD line up:

Big Jay McNeely (tenor saxophone),
The Engenius (everything else)


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